• Greek salad
  • Pizza served
  • Meatball sub

Broomelli Boys


About us

Broomelli Boys is a family owned, local pizza joint where old school taste meets a new wave flair. We specialize in hand-tossed craft pizza, fresh salads, and an eclectic beer and wine selection. Enjoy a comfortable and creative atmosphere to grab a slice on the go, or have a moment to sit down, and share a meal with your family. Our pizza is smothered in rich cheeses, covered with a delicious sauce on dough created in house daily. We invest in our ingredients with one eye always on locally grown and Georgia grown products. We invite you to join us and promise you will come back as family.

Getting ready to open was a several months process for the Broomell Family. And they truly are a family owned business. Peter, a former professional photographer, Christine Broomell, a former federal government worker at FLETC, and their son Cheston - the guy with all the pizza making experience.The space started with no walls or ceilings and a dirt floor. Cheston and Christine handled the design and color scheme and Peter decided on photography as a theme for decor. You'll see photography from local artists on display throughout the pizzeria. You can even purchase your favorite works, just ask!"Since we've been open we've thoroughly enjoyed serving the Brunswick community and look forward to many years of good eating ahead."